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Why should we pray? mystery !

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Prayer प्रार्थना  Why should we pray? mystery !

We should pray because God is our father and only through prayer do we talk to God the Father, if we do not pray then it means that we have stopped talking to God the Father, which son does not talk to his father?

Therefore, the importance of prayer should be more in our lives.

Just as the body is dead without oxygen, the soul is dead without prayer.

In the Bible, God's people always resorted to prayer under all circumstances.

The apostle Paul said, do not worry about anything, but with thanksgiving prayer requests should be presented to God.

It is God's will that we pray in every circumstance, be it happiness, whether sadness is hope or hopelessness is worried or suffering is lacking or there is a famine or epidemic disaster or disaster is life or death is sick or healthy.

Man should always pray.

Prayer is the first ministry of man.

Prayer is the foundation of the ministry.

Prayer is the basis.

Prayer should be kept when the country is stable or unstable.

You should not lose courage in prayer.

1. Because prayer is the medium so that you can present your concern to God through prayer.

We pray when we are in trouble or in some kind of dilemma. There is no time for prayer. You can pray anytime, anytime.

If you are worried, you are sick, you are confused, do not understand anything or want to do something, then you pray.

2. Because you can convey everything to God through prayer.

You can tell all your mind through prayer to God.

3. Because prayer is the medium to talk to God.

Prayer is the only means through which you can speak directly to God.

4. Because praying is God's will.

You do God's will when you pray.

5. Because praying is God's command.

Pray for those who persecute us was the first commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. Because praying is to follow Jesus Christ.

The life of prayer enables you to serve like Jesus Christ.

7. Because praying is a God given right.

Through prayer we fulfill our rights which God has given us.

8. Because we rule the earth through prayer.

By establishing the kingdom of God.

9. Because praying is a source of spiritual progress.

Prayer strengthens our spiritual lives.

10. Because prayer is the key.

Prayer is the key from which we open the closed paths.

11. Because prayer opens the door in our life.

Opens all the gates of our lives.

12. Because prayers are the way to go in the presence of God.

Prayer is the gateway.

13. Because the Holy Spirit teaches us at the time of prayer.

Explains Scripture.

14. Because prayer is our strength and authority.

More prayer more power.

15. Because praying is a means of helping others.

The disciples repeatedly said, help us through prayer.

16. Because prayer is the oxygen of our spiritual life.

Just as the body is dead without oxygen, the soul is dead without prayer.

# Apart from all these things, the Lord Jesus Christ spent most of the night in prayer during his days on earth.

The Lord Jesus Christ gave more importance to prayer so that his disciples would also value prayer.

More than 138 times the prayer is written in the New Testament.

Lord Jesus Christ is the best example of prayer that encourages us to pray. Jesus prayed the most in his lifetime, even before he was crucified.

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