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Why God sent Jesus Christ to this earth?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Why God sent Jesus Christ to this earth? 2000 years ago, God left heaven and was born to a virgin woman on this earth by the Holy Spirit. Not by any human. When he was born, he was named Jesus, which means to save people from their sins. Salvation means: one who is saved from sins or one who is redeemed or redeemed. He was named another Immanuel which means God with us. God sent Jesus Christ to this earth because God came to live with people on this earth as a human being. God's name is associated with his character.

Why God sent Jesus Christ to this earth?

When Jesus, who was God, turned 30, he started preaching about the kingdom of heaven. Jesus came from heaven and he preached what would the people of this earth have to do to go to heaven? Jesus said leave your sins because the kingdom of heaven has drawn near. Sin alone separated man from God. God created man in his likeness and likeness and sin itself made man look and likeness similar to Satan. God loves you and wants to save you from sins so that you can become a child of God. Therefore, God sent Jesus Christ from heaven to be a sacrifice for your sins so that the human form is again like God. God loves you not your sin because the wages of sin is death. After these things, he said that all those who believe in Jesus Christ will give them the right to be children of God. Through many other things, Jesus Christ explained to the people, taught and preached and taught, and Jesus not only preached, but also removed all kinds of sickness and weakness of the people, thus many people were sick and suffering from suffering and The people who were troubled by demons began to bring him to Jesus and Jesus delivered them.

He also came because people wanted to know who he was? Even today people are healed in the name of Jesus, get rid, find peace and get salvation. Now the Bible states that the wages or price or result of sin is death. Everything has value in this earth, similarly you know that the price of sin is death. As you know that if any person kills, then the law of that country punishes him in the same way. The Bible also says that the price of sin is death, so God left heaven and came to earth as a human being named Jesus Christ. The punishment for the sins of all the people had come to be sacrificed not to kill the sinners but to die for them themselves. The Lord Jesus Christ is the atonement for the sins of all the world. People's good deeds or religious work cannot save them. Many people did not believe in Jesus Christ and his works, especially by the religious leaders of that time and they were cruelly crucified for their own benefit and by making false accusations of jealousy, torturing and torturing them in many ways. After he died on the cross, his disciples placed him on the tomb and on the third day of his placing in the tomb he rose from the dead. He had predicted many times about his resurrection. His resurrection from the dead is evidence of his divine nature. In this way, Jesus gave his life for the sins of the people of this earth. If you believe in Jesus Christ today that he was killed for your sins and rose to live on the third day to make you righteous, then you are definitely God Children will be formed and forgiven from sins and get a new life and new mind and new soul. If you too do not believe in Jesus Christ, then give one chance to Jesus Christ in your life. Your life will change.

If you want to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, do this prayer.

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, forgive my sins, I believe with all my heart, Lord, you were killed and buried for my sins.

Lord, I believe that you have forgiven my sins and given me new life.

Thank you Lord for forgiving me.

The Bible says that the one who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ is now the child of God.

Is a new creation.

Heir to heaven.

Is the son of God.

No punishment is allowed on him.

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