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What is the defference between Religion and Righteousness?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

What is the defference between Religion and Righteousness

What is the defference between Religion and Righteousness

Religion is predicated on human principles

Righteousness is predicated on God's command.

Religion is that the basis of the dictates of the principles of artificial rules and man lives life within the darkness of 1 sort of religion and pride of faith . the main teachings of faith are supported physical rules like what to eat, what to not eat, what to wear, what to not wear. Religions provide a sort of physical prevention education that's of no use to man.

Religion isn't a physical part, but a neighborhood of the spiritual realm, but religion isn't a matter of spiritual life, and only physical rules. Therefore religion may be a theory made by humans.

Righteousness is that the opposite of faith . Righteousness is that the basis of the dictates of the principles of God's laws. Righteousness gives you freedom from the shackles of faith . Righteousness isn't supported physical law but is predicated on spiritual life. Righteousness isn't supported physical principles, but righteousness is predicated on spiritual principles that are from God. The founding father of righteousness is God. God has made righteousness not religion; God has not given righteousness to man.

Religion binds you but righteousness redeem you.

Religion binds man by physical rules. there's no freedom in religion religion removes all the liberty to wear clothes and food. Religion is predicated on casteism. it's supported high and low hatred which creates hatred in man. Dissociates religion; Dismisses the unity of humans; Dharma brings diversity to man; Dharma makes man hollow; Dharma binds you in hatred; Dharma takes you into slavery to darkness. Religion doesn't liberate you, but binds you. this is often the reality of faith . When religion couldn't unite Gods then how can it bring man into unity. If truth isn't there in religion, how can it cause you to independent. Religion cannot redeem you from sins.

Righteousness delivers you from the darkness of sins and from the lies of this world. Righteousness redeems you from slavery to sins forever. Righteousness doesn't bind you, but redeems you.

Righteousness doesn't force you to try to to anything. Righteousness is predicated on the works of God, not on the works of man, nor on commandments nor on principles. Righteousness provides freedom in every area of your life, not slavery. Religion doesn't have casteism neither is it high and low.

Religion fulfills the desire of man. Righteousness fulfills God's Will .

In religion, citizenry fulfill their own desires and fulfill their own interests. Religion is that the source of wealth and not devotion. People got meddle the name of faith and formed their own separate society and community. Religion is partial and loves one society or community, then hates another community or society. Religions are selfish and people who follow them also become selfish.

Righteousness fulfills the desire of God alone and pleases God and not man. there's love in righteousness and righteousness loves all mankind. Righteousness gives man moral and godlike nature. Righteousness provides godly life, sanctified life.

Religion terminates man's freedom Righteousness frees man.

Religion demands Righteousness meets demand.

Religion teaches man to fear: Righteousness teaches to fear God.

Religion is predicated on the actions and deeds of man. Righteousness is predicated on the work and faith of God.

The works of faith are ostentatious, humans are praised within the works of faith . there's no pretense within the works of Righteousness nor humans are pleased.

Religion separated citizenry . Righteousness united all mankind.

Religion is predicated on deeds Righteousness is predicated on the grace and mercy of God.

Religion gives false peace to humans but Righteousness gives true peace to humans forever.

Religion doesn't connect humans to God, but the sole Righteousness connects humans with God.

Religion is that the God made by men. Righteousness is that the Lord Jesus .

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