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What does meaningless prayer mean?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

What does meaningless prayer mean?

What does meaningless prayer mean?

How will God answer you if you do not understand the subject you are praying for?

If I pray for any topic and keep on speaking only good words and do not understand, will I get an answer?

Hardly the answer?

You should pray on the subject that you understand.

Do not copy anyone's prayers.

God does not listen to ostentatious prayers.

"Do not repeat meaningless words in your solicitation, as unbelievers do, because they are of the opinion that their pleas will be heard only because of the excess of words.

So do not be like them because your requirements are experienced even before you beg your heavenly Father God.

Therefore, pray prayerfully.

Selfish Prayer ::

You can't fulfill your craving and that's why you kill. You believe in everything and cannot find it and so you keep fighting. You do not pray, so you have nothing. Even when you ask, you do not get it because you pray for your selfishness. You pray for fulfillment of your desires.

Praying is not a shopping list, nor is it to fulfill your wishes.

When we ask God for anything we want, we do not get it. If we ask according to the wishes of God, we get it.

Praying for the loss of others ::

God is good so he does not listen to the prayers of the wicked. Those who only want the evil of others. Some people pray for the destruction of enemies. Whereas God said pray for your enemies.

God is not a Baba or a tantric who will accept any of your requests.

God makes his sun rise on both the burrow and good. God is love.

Ostentatious prayer ::

When someone prays in front of the rich or famous or the officer, their prayer changes. As if he will get something after prayer. It is useless to pray with the hope of getting something.

Some people pray long and long so that people praise him. Pretenders pray only by hypocrites, whose reward is zero.

Genius prayer is of no use, but effective prayer is of great use.

Pray for wealth ::

Some people pray for money and say so much so that like Elisha you too get double. Meaning Elisha's double consecration is on your wealth. Some people demand and only after fulfilling their demand they will pray for you. Most such people use unique numbers given in the Bible to deceive you and to take your money.

Beware of them.

Do not get any reward from greedy prayers.

God does not support greed, nor is God greedy.

Jesus Christ said my house would be called a house of prayer but people made it a house of business.

Scared Prayer ::

Some people intimidate and threaten people with Bible verses so that they pray. There is no benefit from wrongly guided prayers. God does not listen to forceful prayers.

Disbelief Prayer ::

Some people pray, but they do not believe. They have to pray, so they pray. Which makes no sense.

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