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Corona virus is an epidemic that is a byproduct of the sins of the world.

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Corona virus is an epidemic that is a byproduct of the sins of the world.

1. Corona virus is an epidemic that is a byproduct of the sins of the world.

When man acts against the creation, then the creation also becomes against man.

If humans harm the environment, then it results in natural calamities such as pandemic (deadly disease), flood, cyclone, earthquake, hailstorm, tsunami, famine, new disease, and many other types of disaster and pandemic which are time They keep coming to Earth on time.

There is a law of creation and contrary to that law, life is terrible, as if you spend life against the body, the body will be against you. If you spend your life against nature then nature will turn against you.

Human body or this creation is not for sin and unrighteousness.

Man is created in the image and likeness of God, not to sin.

Man's sin is his real enemy. Today the whole earth is cursed because of man's sins. Today, sin changed the air, water and environment and the natural life of man. The area in which a person commits sin produces the same results as immorality and adultery, the birth of HIV disease means the same kind of sin or consequence. Sins always affect many parts of life. Overall, sin causes suffering like death.

Sorrow is always the result of sin.

The result of sin is never together, its result will not ruin your family even if you think.

Sin is not punished simultaneously, so people commit more sins.

Sin always affects your life, family, society and country.

2. So is there any solution to sin?

The solution to sin is the Lord Jesus Christ. The name Jesus means savior from sins. Salvation means one who saves or protects. The only Lord Jesus Christ is the one who has the right to forgive sins and no one else because the only Jesus who is sacrificed for sinners is nobody else. Scripture is written in the Bible, without blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. Before Jesus came, humans used animals for their sins. The blood of animals used to cover the sins of man, but did not go away forever. After the coming of Jesus, man's sin was removed forever because the blood of Jesus Christ was innocent and innocent and sinless. Just like a sick person needs blood in the hospital today, the doctor does not offer blood of any animal to him, rather he is offered blood of a human. The blood of animals cannot take away man's sins. For the sins of man, there was a need for a righteous and innocent man who was nowhere in the earth because everyone had sinned and all were suffering from sin, so Jesus Christ came into this earth as a human being so that the sins of man with his blood are forever. Remove it The Lord Jesus Christ said I have come not to save the righteous but to save the sinners. We all know that the value or consequence of sin is death. Now God's law demands death instead of death, that is, the punishment of the value of the sins of the people of all the nations, which is the death that the Lord Jesus Christ took upon himself, who was a holy innocent man. The sacrifice was made on the cross so that whoever believes in him will get rid of all his sins and all the generations of mankind who are and will come will be freed from the punishment of sins.

Now the question is, whoever believes will be saved only because not everyone believes in Jesus Christ because people believe that Jesus Christ is the originator or founder of foreign religion or Christianity.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is neither the originator of any religion nor the founder. Many people today made Lord Jesus Christ the path of their income, due to which people were unable to know the truth of Jesus. Jesus said if you know the truth then truth will set you free and the truth is Jesus Christ. Once you give Jesus Christ a chance in your life, it will change your life and not your religion.

Change your life, not religion. Man changes religion but God changes life.

Of the 7 churches in Revelation, 5 of the churches were asked to repent because their actions were not worthy of God. If the church does not repent today, God will remove the church.

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